A modern approach to manager evaluation.

Empirically was founded to provide institutional-grade quantitative assessment tools that move beyond historical returns, peer rankings and style boxes to produce relevant, forward-looking measures of key active management outcomes.


We offer independent, fact-based judgments about manager quality. We have no conflicts of interest, internal funds or OCIO business.


We produce analytics which are optimized to quantify future probabilities, not simply aggregate data or explain the past.


We transform complex statistical methods into precise, actionable conclusions that can be readily understood by asset allocators.


We help clients harness the capabilities of state-of-the-art technologies, including machine learning and big data, to achieve better outcomes from investment manager selection. The result is a sustainable, highly quantifiable competitive advantage, as well as improved transparency and documentation of decision processes.

What guides us?

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Aided by cutting-edge techniques, we're improving selection outcomes the old fashioned way: by providing better inputs and supporting robust evaluation processes.

Our business focuses on solving two big problems:

Decision Complexity
Fund selection decisions must be made in the context of deep uncertainty about parameters, models and environments. The presence of competing objectives and multiple time horizons adds further complexity. A structured, adaptive approach to decision making facilitates robust conclusions and improved outcomes.

Solutions for Asset Owners and Fiduciaries

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