Facts heavy. Opinions light.

By combining deep domain knowledge with cutting-edge statistical capabilities, we can help you perform better.

Based in New York City and serving a global client base, Empirically was founded in 2020 with a focused mission: Innovation in Active Manager Selection.

The reality is that most active managers underperform passive alternatives after fees ― often with higher volatility to boot. What's more, fund buyers do still worse on average, due to poor timing decisions.

As a result, end investors and plan beneficiaries ― as well as oversight bodies ― rightly want to ensure that active management is being used appropriately. Fiduciaries must have a reasonable and well-documented basis to believe that their manager selections are the best choice to achieve their multiple objectives.

Empirically's decision support tools provide our clients with the insights they need to confidently answer difficult questions about tradeoffs between investment alternatives, manager skill, and expected returns.

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of the institutional investing landscape as well as each client's unique context and external environment.

Bespoke Advisory
Your objectives, constraints and preferences are unique; our work is tailored to your specific needs.

Fast, Flexible and Confidential
Built as an information services company, not a consulting organization, Empirically can rapidly deliver the insights you need to move forward.

// No Bias

We don't meet with or generate revenue from the managers we analyze. In fact, we can even deliver our results based on anonymized data.

// No Ambiguity

We provide specific, probability-based forecasts which can be tracked and validated. The value added of our advice can be easily quantified.

// No Distractions

We're not focused on shifting consulting clients into higher-margin OCIO mandates. Our sole priority is supporting better decisions.

These principles may seem basic, but they translate into a powerful advantage for our clients.
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“Investors and their advisors deserve access to objective ways of knowing which funds are worth the risks they entail.”
Jordan N. Boslego, Co-Founder
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