1. Objectives

Manager Selection LLC (“Empirically”, “Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is a professional services organization. Our long-term goal is to facilitate better investment decision making by institutional asset owners and fiduciaries, by providing objective predictive analytics and decision frameworks pertaining to fund manager quality.

We believe that our mission, Innovation in Active Manager Selection, is fundamentally aligned with responsible investment. Our goal is to facilitate better decision making and greater transparency with respect to fund selection, leading to the allocation of capital to highly-skilled managers whose investment strategies match their rhetoric. This will result in better outcomes for end savers, greater efficiency in the asset management industry, and improved alignment of incentives between asset owners and their fudiciaries.

This policy has been approved by the Members of the Company.

2. Principles

A growing body of research has demonstrated that environment, social and governance issues can have a material impact on asset values. Explicitly incorporating ESG considerations enables a more complete and robust assessment of a company’s risks and value creation prospects in the short and long term.

We have two primary ethical obligations: to provide our clients impartial advice of the highest quality in support of their objectives, and at the same time, to avoid any behavior or activity that violates corporate social responsibility criteria or responsible investing principles.

We educate clients on the relationship between ESG issues and risk/return parameters for different asset classes by conducting research, disseminating information, and developing new analytical techniques. In so doing, we promote acceptance and implementation of ESG considerations, including the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), within the investment industry.

►  Please review important disclosures regarding our role and status as an investment adviser.

3. ESG Integration

In responding to client needs, we provide guidance, judgments and evaluations on range of ESG-related issues, including but not limited to: integrating ESG information into fund selection and evaluation; weighing ESG issues versus other salient investment factors; assessing the degree and quality of ESG integration undertaken by a candidate investment manager or fund; and assessing ESG at the fund manager level.

We are integrating ESG considerations into our services by developing novel capabilities which enable more rigorous, fact-driven evaluation of both public and private market strategies and asset managers with respect to behavior and performance along multiple ESG dimensions.

4. Engagement

Although both investors their portfolio companies are becoming increasingly attuned to responsible investing matters, there are still meaningful challenges with respect to the standards, measurement, transparency, frequency and consistency of reporting.

We are committed to using our role as a thought leader and advice provider to advocate for higher-quality engagement on responsible investing issues among asset owners, asset managers and portfolio companies.

5. Reporting

We regularly review and report on our activities and progress toward implementing our responsible investment principles and priorities. These internal reports may be released to clients or other stakeholders upon request.


Last updated August 16, 2020.