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Measure analyst skill.

With high market volatility and limited analyst discretion, it can be difficult to isolate research analysts' true alpha generation ability. Empirically's technology can accurately measure skill so you can make better trading, capital allocation and compensation decisions.

You can harness our analytics without sharing private and confidential information.

Powerful Tools for Performance Evaluation

Analyst performance should never be a matter of opinion. We provide asset managers with sophisticated tools to track and decompose skill at the individual contributor level.

In addition to saving time and improving fairness and morale, accurate benchmarking directly bolsters fund performance with no additional investment: Portfolio Managers know exactly where each analyst excels, and how to weight the trading signals they generate.

Clients served:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Active Equity Managers
  • Active Fixed Income Managers
  • Benchmarking

    Quantify the alpha generation skill of an individual within their mandate. Compare the skill level exhibited by those with dissimilar coverage areas on an equal basis.

  • Reviews

    Assess the drivers and quality of recommendations given the individual's opportunity set. Estimate the likelihood that results as good or better could be achieved by simple rules.

  • Strategy

    Understand the exact sources of the team's value added. Use the information to efficiently allocate resources as well as identify skill gaps for innovation or hiring.

Improve Performance

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your investment team and properly weight their recommendations.

Triangulate Your Edge

Gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of your research process to hone in on the highest-value activities.

Compensate Fairly

Pay professionals based on an objective benchmark that's both calibrated to their role and fully aligned to broader objectives.

Outputs Tailored to Your Exact Needs

All of our work is customized and produced on demand for the client's exclusive benefit, incorporating the latest available information and the specific parameters of the request.

Ad-Hoc Engagements

Get targeted help with a specific evaluation tool, review exercise, presentation or other internal project with no ongoing commitment.

Fixed Retainer

Request Empirically analytics for an unlimited number of internal reviews and other projects in one or more asset classes.

Illustrative Workflow

Guided by the Empirically Compass, we can help ensure you make fully-informed choices that have the highest probability of meeting your objectives.

Empirically Consultation

We discuss the objectives of your internal performance measurement program and your current approach, and identify a strategy to bridge the gap.

Tool Development

We develop and deliver a custom-built program that enables accurate measurement of the objectives based on available inputs.


The system is deployed across relevant investment professionals and provides regularly updated information to Portfolio Managers and executives.

Empirically Review

We assist with periodic guidance on maximizing the value of the tool's application to investment and staffing decisions.


Select an asset class to explore how our technology can support your performance evaluation efforts.

Extract More Alpha From Your Team

Let's discuss how you can begin leveraging Empirically's capabilities to achieve better portfolio outcomes and make better personnel decisions.

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